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30 Actions | 30 Days

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ArtWorks for Freedom uses the transformative power of the arts to raise awareness and inspire action to end human trafficking. Our vision is to see individuals and communities energized and equipped to fight trafficking using their unique abilities and talents in imaginative ways.

30 ACTIONS | 30 DAYS TO CONFRONT HUMAN TRAFFICKING will help students, teachers, parents, community leaders and concerned citizens everywhere take concrete action to end human trafficking.

Every day, you will log on to a specific Action where you will have the chance to:

LEARN about a specific aspect of human trafficking in the world today.

RESPOND through concrete actions that include gathering information, reading, watching films, organizing activities in your community, advocating and supporting anti-trafficking NGOs.

FIND RESOURCES to help you get started. These include links to NGOS, how-to guides and other sources of help and reference.

DEVELOP YOUR OWN ACTION PLAN based on what you have learned. What is the one thing you will do to end human trafficking? Let us know what you have learned and share what you have done or intend to do on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter. Not only are you telling the world what you are doing, but you are also helping to build a larger community of activists.

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