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30 Actions | 30 Days

Action 26:
Give products made by survivors

Launched November 15



Gainful employment is an important step for survivors of human trafficking. Being able to provide for their needs and families is necessary and empowering. Many NGOs around the world sell a wide range of products made by survivors through their websites, with proceeds going directly to the survivors.


  • Give survivor-made goods for holidays and birthdays.
  • Invite an NGO selling survivor-made goods to a special event at your home or community center.
  • Post pictures of your treasures on your social media along with purchasing information.


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Her Future Coalition provides job training programs that allow women to gain skills and find employment in respected professions.

To The Market showcases handmade goods made exclusively by passionate artisans who have overcome the perils of abuse, conflict, and disease.

End Slavery Now publishes a list of companies proven to be slave-free and fair trade as part of their guide on how to Buy Slave Free. Check out the list here.

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