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30 Actions | 30 Days

Action 19:
Take human trafficking awareness to school – for teachers

Launched November 8



Teachers are in a unique position to see vulnerabilities among their students. Teachers can also be pro-active about incorporating anti-trafficking awareness and prevention into curriculum


  • Introduce a human trafficking lesson into your classes on current events, history, work politics, even literature and art.
  • Invite a speaker on human trafficking to address the school or your class.
  • Help you students organize a human trafficking club to raise awareness and support a local service organization.
  • Resources

    Check out the resources linked below, and share the links to your Facebook page to spread awareness. Use #ConfrontHumanTrafficking to contribute to the 30Actions30Days ArtWorks for Freedom Campaign to #ConfrontHumanTrafficking.

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Anti-Slavery International offers resources and lessons plans for secondary school teachers.

YouTube offers many short and long videos on human trafficking. Make sure to preview them before you bring them with the class!

Read the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments' Guide: Human Trafficking in America's Schools.

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